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English Opening Guide

Learn the english opening with our easy guide if you are struggling use the video for more help.

English Opening

White advances their c-pawn two squares instead of the d- or e-pawns in the English Opening. The English is a highly transpositional opening, meaning that in many cases the game will reach the same position that arises from other openings and through different move orders. It's best for intermediate and advanced players, and it requires a deeper understanding of positional concepts.

Starting Position

The English opening takes place when White begins the game with the move 1.c4. White refrains from shifting their d and e-pawns and as an alternative makes use of a flank pawn to manipulate the center. English opening The starting function of the English opening. White's first move permits for more versatile play with the center pawns by means of both aspects. the game specifically revolves round who gets to solidify their grip over the center of the board. generally, White will play with a Sicilian-like setup with hues reversed or the game will transpose into a queen's-pawn opening. The latter is another reason behind White's move: it avoids or limits Black's responses to a few defenses in opposition to 1.d4 openings. pros Fights for the center with a wing pawn Can lead to queenside stress Takes many Black players out of their consolation area Cons Slower improvement much less direct attacking possibilities permits Black to place a strong pawn on e5