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Alekhines Defense Guide

Learn the Alekhines Defense with our easy guide if you are struggling use the video for more help.

Alekhines Defense Guide

Alekhine's defense is a hypermodern response to at least one.e4. Black shall we White set up a presence inside the middle with the aim of proving it overextended. despite the fact that 1...Nf6 is simplest Black's 8th- most popular response to at least one.e4, it ratings in addition to some much more not unusual movements like the # 3 French (1.e6) and # 5 Pirc (1.d6).

Starting position

The Alekhine protection is 1.e4 Nf6. games almost always retain 2.e5 Nd5 followed normally through 3.d4 d6. Black's 1/3 circulate is the first little poke at White's middle.