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Caro Kann Defense Guide

Learn the Caro Kann Defense with our easy guide if you are struggling use the video for more help.

Caro Kann Defense Guide

The Caro-Kann protection is understood above taken with its solidity. The defining pass, 1...c6, is the fourth most popular reply to 1.e4 and nearly two times as common because the wide variety five pass. It prepares for two...d5 without blockading within the mild-squared bishop, which is taken into consideration the primary downside of its cousin the French protection (1.e4 e6). A standby for positional players at nearly each degree, the Caro-Kann turned into a selected favourite of world champion GM Anatoly Karpov.

Starting position

The Caro-Kann begins with 1.e4 c6, with most versions persevering with 2.d4 d5. both this sort of is commonly considered the beginning role for the Caro-Kann.