Chess Puzzle Memory Game

Complicated Chess puzzles ranging from difficulty selected! Try and solve and remember your future moves before the timer runs out great for building chess problem skills!

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How To Play Memory Puzzles?

Please select a difficulty that fits your experience with chess.
Then select the amount of time you would like to see the chessboard to find the solution to the puzzle before the pieces disappear.
When you see the countdown that is the amount of time you have to solve the puzzle in your mind but also remember where each piece is and how they should move before they will disappear.
If you can't complete the puzzle after the countdown just click give up it and a new puzzle will appear so get ready!

The Aim of the Game

This memory puzzle game aims to increase your chess puzzle-solving ability as well as plan ahead 2-3 moves in advance. You also have to remember where each piece was this improves your cognitive functions! Doing 10 of these puzzles a day will help your chess ranking and skill as your brain is rewired in its puzzle-solving ability.